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Next Regular Meeting: Tuesday, November 9, 2021
at 7 pm

Coming to SABBSA in November

Biblical Authority vs. Church Authority

On All Hallows Eve, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis on the Wittenberg church door, questioning church teaching. What was the basis for Luther's challenge? The Bible. Was Luther right? Was the church right? How should we look at this today? Do we trust our church leaders who are the professionals? Do we trust them to interpret the Bible for us since they have studied this and know more than we do? Or do we check things out for ourselves? How does this come into play in the creation/evolution debate?

SABBSA Director Terry Read will address these questions with his multimedia presentation at our monthly meeting in November. You can decide what you think is right.

Please join us in November for creation science and biblical apologetics teaching you will find nowhere else in Bexar County. Our current COVID protocols are masks optional for all individuals who have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19, and all children.

Dr. Robert Carter (CMI) in New Braunfels

This set of programs has been rescheduled for January 9, 2022 at Calvary Baptist Church.


Please join the San Antonio Bible Based Science Association "on the air" each Saturday afternoon with "Believing the Bible!" Join us Saturday afternoons at 1:45 pm on radio station KSLR 630 AM - The Word in South Texas.

Here is our schedule of program topics this summer:

9/18 Death and Suffering
9/25 Jesus Never Existed?
10/2 Squids, Octopuses, and Alien DNA
10/9 Limited
10/16 Artificial Life
10/23 Critical Race Theory
10/30 Homologous Structures / Common Design
11/6 Caveman Language
11/13 Saturn's Rings
11/20 Glass-wing Butterfly
11/27 You think you Know?
12/4 Grand Canyon and the Colorado River
12/11 Human Chimp Chimeras
12/18 Star of Bethlehem - Stepanek
12/25 What is Christmas?
1/1 Manger of Jesus
1/8 SABBSA Author's Program
1/15 Always Question?
1/22 Natural Selection
1/29 When were Angels Created?
2/5 Apostasy in the Seminaries
2/12 Jeff Roman 2 - Creation: Chance or Choice?
2/19 SETI
2/26 Racism (Stepanek)

There are several ways you can help with this ministry. One and always first is pray for this program, for its content and impact. Second, become a sponsor as many of our board members have done and help us defray the $255 per week costs of putting this program on the air and allow us to expand it into even more markets. Third listen to this show on the air and tell your friends and family members so this can reach as wide an audience as possible. Fourth, help us with scripts. We are hoping that our board and other interested and knowledgeable members will both tell us what they would like to hear in future programs, as well as help us by writing future scripts and coming on the air with us to make this truly a group effort.

Thanks to our board members who are now sponsoring the $1000+ cost per month to transmit our radio show in 12 U.S. markets and 120 countries. Contact us at 210-861-0454 if you would like to help and expand our ministry.

This program is available on podcast. Go to the KSLR website at and click on "KSLR Podcast" and scroll down until you find us. This will give you the opportunity to share on Facebook or Tweet. In San Antonio, TX, please join us each Saturday at 1:45 pm CST on radio KSLR 630 AM for "Believing the Bible."

Coming to SABBSA

November - Biblical Authority vs. Church Authority
December - The Transgender Agenda, Gender and Racism
January - Biblical Author's Night at SABBSA

FEAST Science Workshops 2021-2022

"The Rocks Cry Out" series

The Rocks Cry Out creation curriculum provides the perfect tool for use in churches, fellowship groups, youth groups, and home schools to educate those around you with the credibility of God's Word in every area - including science and history. This material is provided by Bruce Malone (a member of Logos Research Associates) and his ministry with Search for the Truth Ministries. Bruce is an engaging speaker and his 45-minute teaching videos include a lot of on location live action shots and demonstrations.

As is our custom with FEAST Science Workshops, we plan to offer six sessions this coming year on a new day and time to better fit your schedules. We will meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 10 am at FEAST during the months of September and October 2021 and January, February, March and April 2022. We are happy to again be partnering with the San Antonio Bible Based Science Association (SABBSA) who will be giving these presentations for the 18th consecutive year. Each session will include one of the videos listed below, along with a question and answer session with one of SABBSA's trained associates.

September 22, 2021 - Science Testifies to Creation (All major scientific disciplines are filled with evidence that confirms we have a Creator)

October 27, 2021 - The Red Record (Even ancient cultures confirm the historical accuracy of God's Word)

January 26, 2022 - Design Testifies to Creation (The mechanisms of evolution cannot explain the design of life)

February 23, 2022 - Noah's Flood and Geology (Overwhelming evidence that our globe has been deluged by a world-covering flood)

March 23, 2022 - Dragons and Dinosaurs (Dinosaurs provide some of the strongest evidence for a Biblical worldview)

April 27, 2022 - The Age of Creation (Why belief in long ages distorts God's character and why dating methods can be unreliable)

We pray that you will plan to be a part of this dynamic series of teaching sessions melding Science, real history and God's word!

October 12, 2021

The Waters in Genesis

Did you know that the Bible gives good evidence that the first element made by God was water, and that all that we see in the universe was made out of water?
Richard Stepanek from the Alpha Omega Institute (AOI) was with us in October to not only talk about this but give us much more on the creation.

Richard also revealed biblical insights about the waters below the sky and waters above the sky as described in scripture, as well as giving us a unique perspective on Genesis chapter 1 using a spectacular multimedia format and an in-depth analysis of Genesis chapter 1 as it relates to creation science.

September 14, 2021

Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture

Ken Ham's most popular talk on the relevance of Genesis. This presentation is a challenge to the church that explains why a belief in a literal Genesis is so important. A must for Christian leaders, youth leaders, homeschools, Sunday schools in any class at all. It is a vital message for today's church explaining why Genesis is the key to bringing reformation and a solution to reaching our culture with the gospel! Revolutionize your ministry! Recorded before a live, large audience!

If you missed it this video can be viewed by going to

Special Programs in August at Coker United Methodist Church

SABBSA provided four special presentations on the topics of the Worldwide Flood, C14 and Radiometric Dating, the Alien Demonic Delusion and Scott Lane - Genetics and the Bible the first four Sundays in August at Coker United Methodist Church (231 E North Loop Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216).

Each program occurred during Coker's regular Sunday School hour in their gym at 9:30 am. The programs were well received by the church congregation, and we provided access to a lot of materials at these presentations.

August 10, 2021

Genesis Impact Movie

Do Natural History Museums Display the Truth about Origins?

There is another view. The Genesis Impact movie is a new feature film from Genesis Apologetics.

Movie Synopsis- Secular museum docent (Reggie McGuire) presents his best case for evolution at the natural history museum, but little does he know that Christina (Hannah Bradley) has a few questions at the end of his talk that turn the tables... Christina's questions dismantle evolution and her meek yet powerful presentation of the Bible's account of origins awaken many to the truth. The Genesis Impact film is ideal for Christians who want to learn how to dismantle the leading "evidences" for evolution that are displayed in natural history museums and understand how to view secular museums through a Biblical perspective.

Folks this is an impactful film and the best depiction of the paucity of evidence for human hominid development we have ever seen. View the trailer at Also available on this site are twelve short training videos which can be used to inform you more deeply about the twelve icons of evolution refuted in this film.

July 13, 2021

The Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

We got a look at the one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, the Dead Sea Scrolls. This video included the more recent facts uncovered from investigation and restoration of the scrolls. We also learned how the scrolls gave us astounding verification of God protecting His Words over the centuries in a magical way!

June 8, 2021

Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws

* Are humans and chimps only 1 to 2% different?
* Is the human genome 98% junk, as claimed?
* Is Mitochondrial Eve evidence for evolution?
* What are some recent discoveries regarding our chromosomes?
* What should be done about creation in public schools?
* Does the creation topic really matter?

Evolutionary thought has changed a great deal in the last few years. It was once thought that human DNA is primarily junk. For many years Mitochondrial Eve was presented as compelling evidence for evolution. In addition, the 1 to 2% difference between humans and chimps was declared as fact. However, recently these arguments have been completely reversed.

Dr. Kevin Anderson, PhD microbiology Kansas State University and scientist with the Creation Research Society revealed to us the rest of the story.

May 11, 2021

Universe Battles: Big Bang or Big Design?

The Cassini spacecraft was a complex exploratory craft. Its mission was to study Saturn and its rings and moons. One of its main discoveries was the observation of water spraying out of the icy moon Enceladus. How could this supposedly 4.6-billion- year-old moon still be geologically active?

Universe Battles provided us with numerous observable evidences like Enceladus that our Solar System is not billions of years old. This documentary included interviews with six scientists, as well as special guest Ken Ham. We found this to be a well-structured documentary covering a lot of material on the subject of our universe's origins.

April 13, 2021

Earth Battles: How Old is It? Volume I - The Grand Canyon?

Is Earth 4.6 Billion Years Old as establishment scientists claim?

Earth Battles: How Old Is It? reviews geologic evidence from the Grand Canyon and finds that the evidence is not ambiguous, but very clearly points to a Young Earth. The evidence also points overwhelmingly in favor of world-wide catastrophic processes and the worldwide flood, not the slow and gradual processes that long-age geologists claim.

This documentary from Evidence Press includes beautiful 3D animation videos while explaining the Biblical Flood Model for the formation of Earth's basement rock, and sedimentary fossil-filled layers. There was also evidence shown of the rate of helium leakage from zircons which supports an age of the Earth which is quite young.

March 9, 2021

DNA Battles: Were Adam and Eve Historical?

Modern genetics provides overwhelming empirical evidence supporting the Biblical notion that God created all of life. DNA Battles explores several lines of evidence which supports a 6,000 year old Earth and a 6-day biblical explanation for Creation.

Too often Christians accept some form of evolution as the means for our origins. With modern genetics, it is time to realize empirical science points to Biblical Creation.

The June, 2011 cover article in Christianity Today (CT) lays out several positions for the historicity of Adam and Eve. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, started the Biologos Foundation. Biologos is leading the charge for the position that Adam and Eve, if they existed at all, were part of a collective of some 10,000 hominids.

The CT article states, "A Biologos paper by Venema and Falk declares it more flatly: The human population, they say, 'was definitely never as small as two...Our species diverged as a population. The data are absolutely clear on that.'"

But is the data as clear as they state?
What has recent research revealed about mitochondrial DNA?
Does recent research on nuclear DNA support evolutionary predictions?
We heard from 7 scientists and 2 theologians attest to the truth of the biblical timeline.

February 9, 2021

Global Warming - Special Report: Hidden facts revealed!

What is the truth about global warming? Are the ice caps melting? Will polar bears and penguins soon be found starving on small floating icebergs? Does the future survival of man hinge on an immediate reduction in carbon emissions?

This "politically incorrect" documentary is an exciting and important tool for all who face the rampant misinformation propagated by ecological alarmists. Global Warming addresses subjects that most others won't touch, including misinformation which is contained in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth".

Global warming is real, but it is not primarily man-made. This biblically based and thoroughly balanced view of climate change reveals that global warming is not a black & white issue. Viewers will see why well-meaning Christians need to be extremely careful when advocating environmental policies.

Through on-location interviews with leading creationist scientists, climatologists, and other commentators the dangers and politics of global warming are revealed. Learn how you can be effective in caring for creation, without becoming an unwitting accomplice to the myths of global warming. This balanced approach to a very "hot" topic will equip you with the information necessary to honor the Creator ... without worshipping the creation.

January 12, 2021

Genesis: Paradise Lost

Capturing the Creation week with cutting-edge cinematography and biblical accuracy, GENESIS: Paradise Lost brings the first chapter of the Bible to life! Vivid CG animation and interviews with experts and PhD's ignite this powerful production to deliver an incredible, thought-provoking investigation of our origins. In the beginning...God!

This is one of the best produced biblical creation films out there. It had a successful theatrical release a couple of years ago. We thank Mission city Church for allowing us to meet in January with Faith Lutheran temporarily closed. Our people applauded this film for its visual effects and in-depth look into what Genesis 1 actually says.

As is our custom the first meeting of the year, we had board and officer elections and took up dues from members for the coming year.

December 8, 2020

Which Gospel? How Long age Stories undermine the Gospel

In this new DVD, Dr. Martin Williams presents six in-depth, biblical and theological arguments for the incompatibility of evolutionary long ages and the Gospel.

Dr Williams explains step by step how a deep-time view of our origins is incompatible with the New Testament's understanding of Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

He covers topics like:

The science is not scary! (14 min)
Why all the fuss about long ages? (12 min)
How 'good' is creation? (6min)
Did animals die in the Garden of Eden? (11 min)
Reaching the west (18 min)
What does the resurrection tell us about origins? (7 min)

You can get a preview of this video by going to YouTube at

November 10, 2020

The Red Sea Miracle (part II)

This theatrical documentary was to have been released to theaters in May, but COVID prevented that.

THE RED SEA MIRACLE 2 continued to investigate big questions about biblical miracles. How could thousands of feet of water be parted at the Red Sea? Or was the sea merely parted by the act of wind in nature, through a shallow Egyptian lake?

The Patterns in Evidence crew led by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney investigates these locations to see if any have a pattern of evidence matching the Bible. People of faith will be inspired, and skeptics will have much to think about as Mahoney reveals two decades of documentary research including if divers found the remains of Pharaoh's army on the seafloor. This cinematic journey leads him to inquire... "Do miracles still happen today?"

October 13, 2020

Beyond the Stars: Seeing Cosmic Design (part II)

Every clear night, humanity is treated to an overwhelming celestial show. Twinkling stars of all varieties fill the sky as the heavens declare the glory of God. What is beyond the stars? Branyon May (Ph.D.) leads viewers through our Universe highlighting cosmic design, revealing evidences from the galaxies, stars, and planets that point to our Creator. Come explore the complex, vast, and fine-tuned characteristics of our Cosmos.

These programs include a "Beyond the Stars Workbook" available online. This workbook includes single-page worksheets for each video lesson in this program. Useful for reinforcing and reviewing what was learned, by covering Fun Facts, Application, aspects of God's Design and Challenge questions.

We watched and discussed seven of these short vignettes in September and will explore six more in October. To preview these programs or view them at home go to

September 8, 2020

Beyond the Stars: Seeing Cosmic Design (part I)

What is beyond the stars? Branyon May (Ph.D.) leads viewers through our Universe highlighting cosmic design, revealing evidences from the galaxies, stars, and planets that point to our Creator. Come explore the complex, vast, and fine-tuned characteristics of our Cosmos.

These programs include a "Beyond the Stars Workbook" available online. This workbook includes single-page worksheets for each video lesson in this program. Useful for reinforcing and reviewing what was learned, by covering Fun Facts, Application, aspects of God's Design and Challenge questions.

We viewed seven short vignettes of this series in September and will watch and discuss the last six in October. To preview these programs or view them at home go to

August 11, 2020

The Red Sea Miracle (part I)

Tim Mahoney investigates one of the greatest miracles of the Bible. Did a mighty sea split? What secrets will be revealed?

After leaving Egypt, the Bible describes the Israelites crossing a deep sea that was miraculously split with walls of water on their right and left. When the Egyptians and their chariot force pursued, the water came crashing back down to destroy the entire army. Are miracles of this kind even possible?

Skeptics contend that no evidence has ever been found for huge numbers of people crossing the wilderness or a mighty sea. Does the lack of evidence at the traditional sites mean the events didn't happen, or might we have been looking in wrong places all along?

We joined Timothy Mahoney in the next chapter of the series as he retraced the steps of Moses and the Israelites, looking for answers in Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Part 1.

This video explored ideas from all sides of the debate as we journeyed back to the lands of the Bible in search of answers to one of the Bible's biggest mysteries; where is the lost sea of the Exodus, and what really happened there?

This intricate video was well received by our audience and we have scheduled to show part II of this series at our November meeting.

July 21, 2020

Quick Answers to Tough Questions (Bryan Osborn, AiG)

Today the faith of Christians is being undermined daily. A relentless stream of secular attacks from supposedly solid science has put many Christians on the defensive.

Whether the argument is about evolution, history, or theology, every believer must be able to provide an "answer for the hope that is within them". But you don't have to be an expert to respond effectively when confronted about your faith. Quick Answers to Tough Questions gives you quick and concise answers to the tough questions that are often posed to believers regarding:

Creation and evolution
Age of the earth and Noah's Ark
Death and suffering
Origin of life and missing links.

Biblical history and a biblical worldview help us to understand the past, present, and future. Too many believers have fallen victim to those who say that the Bible's history is false or that science has disproved it. Equip yourself to address the skeptical questions and comments of believers and unbelievers alike and successfully stand strong in your defense of the inerrancy and truth of God's Word.

June 9, 2020

Replacing Darwin (Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson)

On June 9th we were excited to have our first "face to facemask" meeting in three months! Our topic and video was "Replacing Darwin", a concept developed by Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson as a worldview and counter concept to the prevailing "primary axiom" of Darwinian Evolution.

We cancelled out April and May meetings due to the Pandemic

Due to Coronavirus concerns, and in line with state and local stay at home orders and Faith Lutheran Church's compliance with these orders, we cancelled both our April and May SABBSA meetings for safety reasons.

An email link was sent to all of our membership offering a new SABBSA YouTube video entitled Underpinnings: Fossils, Physics, Genetics and Babel. You can also access this new video by clicking the link at the bottom of our home page.

Our monthly Communique' newsletter has continued in this interim time and the newest issue is now posted online on our newsletter page. In addition, in lieu of our April meeting, we provided links below to two new videos which you can view on your computer or television. We hope you found these interesting and helped you pass the time productively at home.

If you would like to see a very interesting new documentary on end times prophecies tied to current events, you may want to check out this film called
The Coming Convergence. To view it go to

If you would like to see a well-done documentary hosted by David Rives on
evidence for the worldwide flood and concurrent tectonic activity, go to

If you want more videos like Underpinnings to watch at home, scroll down to the bottom of our home page and you will find fourteen different programs available on YouTube for you to view. Just click on the link to the video of your choice and enjoy.

March 10, 2020

Creation Science Evidence Overview

Every area of science has evidence showing that life did not happen by accident. When seen by students, their faith in God skyrockets!

Our friends at "Search for the Truth Ministries" are now in third year of visiting schools in Fiji, Vanuatu and the Philippines. They have had the extraordinary opportunity to speak to hundreds of thousands of students on these islands and give each student a copy of a creation science devotional much like the ones we sell, which all come from "Search for the Truth Ministries."

After each presentation and book distribution, they leave a DVD with the school for use in assemblies or science classes giving a creation science evidence overview.

On Tuesday, March 10 we viewed the video they are leaving with each school on these South Pacific Islands giving all of us a fine overview of creation science, but also a vision for the impact this ministry is having in the South Pacific. It was very well received by our membership.

January 5 - March 8, 2020

Creation Seminar at Cibolo Valley Baptist

On consecutive Sundays from January 5, 2020 through March 8, 2020 SABBSA and Cibolo Valley Baptist Church put on a ten-part Creation Science Seminar showing God is the Creator!

Each session featured multimedia sessions presented by SABBSA President Scott Lane, as well as the availability of hundreds of books and videos on the subject.

February 11, 2020

Human Design: Divine Engineering

Evolutionists say everything evolved through random mutations and any appearance of design in nature is just illusion, but how does that stack up to reality?

Just consider the human hand. Nothing else comes close to its fluid precision and control. Our hands enable every level of human activity, from the work of artists, surgeons, concert pianists, professional baseball pitchers, to a mother brushing her daughter's hair. Such great engineering could only result from great design.

Dr. Randy Guliuzza, a professional engineer and medical doctor, explored the wonders of the human hand, demonstrating the precise interactions of our nervous systems and muscles that provide its powerful grasp, precision grip, and exquisitely controlled finger movements. Dr. Guliuzza unwrapped for us the astounding design features that testify to the engineering genius of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Guliuzza is ICR's National Representative and a former board member with SABBSA. His presentations have become a favorite with some of our newer members and they requested this very special program.

January 14, 2020

The Truth of the Genesis Flood

Using oil-well data, Dr. Tim Clarey with the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), explained his extensive research into the geological structure of the earth. He concludes that the data strongly supports the Genesis Flood as a historical event. With this information, Dr. Clarey showed us how this massive flood shaped the earth's surface, forming the continents and leading to the geologic formations we see today.

December 10, 2019

Seven C's of History

The Seven C's of History is a PowerPoint program made for kids in the 3rd through 12th grades, but which has great meaning to us all.

The topics Include:

This program reveals to all of us how the world as we know it was created and shaped by the seven great events of history. It gave us a biblical perspective for our world and world history. Most of all, it gave us an understanding of why Christ came into the world and truly spelled out for us the Reason for the Season!

November 12, 2019

Patterns of Evidence - The Moses Controversy

Is the Bible the inspired word of God? Or is it a book of fables and myths? Who really wrote the first five books of the Bible?

Award-winning investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney and his
Patterns of Evidence team return with a brand-new examination into
The Moses Controversy.

Mahoney was raised to believe the stories of the Bible were true. But mainstream scholars reject the Bible's claim that Moses wrote the Exodus journey as an eyewitness account. They believe it is just an exaggerated tale. These scholars emphatically declare Moses didn't even have a writing system like Hebrew to record it; instead, the writing of Exodus came more than one thousand years after the fact.

Since the Bible claims that Moses was the author of one of the greatest stories in the entire Bible-the Israelites' Exodus out of Egypt and their journey to Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God-Mahoney realizes that the question of Moses' ability to write its first books impacts the credibility of the entire Bible.

Traveling throughout the Middle East to see where the patterns lead, Mahoney uncovers profound new scientific evidence you have to see to believe!

To see a trailer for this extraordinary film, go to

October 8, 2019

Human Design: The Making of a Baby

Approaching the subject in a tasteful manner, in October Dr. Randy Guliuzza took us through the detailed process of reproductive physiology and microscopic anatomy required for the making of a human baby. The inescapable conclusions of design give God all the glory, showing that we are truly "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14).

This presentation came to us fifteen years after Dr. Guliuzza brought this fascinating material to us live in 2004. At that time, he and his beautiful wife June were board members with us at SABBSA. Dr. Guliuzza is now ICR's National Representative. Randy's devilish wit complemented the excellent material on God's intricate designs. This is a truly 4-star presentation!

September 28, 2019

Joint SABBSA / FEAST Field Trip to the ICR Discovery Center in Dallas

The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) had the Grand Opening of their new 37-million-dollar Discovery Center for Science and Earth History in Dallas on Monday, September 2nd, 2019.

The San Antonio Bible Based Science Association (SABBSA), as well our partners at FEAST and Cibolo Valley Baptist Church coordinated a field trip on Saturday, September 28 to Dallas to allow our membership, CVBC families and home school families an early opportunity to view and experience this amazing facility.

We had 23 people join us in an all-day field trip to the Institute for Creation Research's new Discovery Center. This new state of the art facility is truly a testament to the Creator!

This facility features a planetarium with 3D capability and excellent shows revealing God's creation. As you walk in "talking pictures" of the "giants" in science such as Newton and Boyle attest to how true science is fostered by faith in the Bible and God. The Universe room is an amazing cinematic spectacle, showing the creation in six days and the wonders of our solar system and universe. Other rooms include the Grand Canyon exhibit, the Mount St. Helens exhibit, the Ice Age theater, two Ark Exhibits, a Dragons/Dinosaurs room, the Garden of Eden room (with a weird looking animatronic talking Serpent), the Tower of Babel exhibit, two walls of current research, the life story of Jesus and much more.

Spoiler alert, be prepared for life like velociraptor and T-Rex to try and take a bite out of you.

We congratulate ICR for this unique tool to show the world God's truth from His Word using modern technology and scientific knowledge! The ticket prices are half what you would expect from a world class exhibition like this one. We truly can recommend taking your family and friends through this fascinating facility!