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Believing the Bible from the first verse!

Mission Statement

SABBSA strives to be a Christian, evangelical, creation organization which believes the Bible from the very first verse. We facilitate the revealing of God's creation in our world and provide creation science education to our community.

Statement of Faith

The SAN ANTONIO BIBLE BASED SCIENCE ASSOCIATION stands dedicated to the concept of special creation, and therefore divine design and purpose in nature; to a young earth and universe (thousands, not millions); to the entrance of death due to Adams transgression (Rom 5:12,14); to the reality of the universal flood of Noah (cause of major sedimentary deposits on earth), as written in Genesis; to the clear confession of Jesus Christ as (1) true God and true man united in one person, (2) the risen, glorified Savior of all mankind offering the gift of salvation by grace through faith, solely in His finished and all sufficient work on the cross as the Bible clearly testifies; and to scientific research done upon the foundation of those very fundamental truths.

SAN ANTONIO BIBLE BASED SCIENCE ASSOCIATION therefore, confesses that God has spoken in Scripture and acted in human history; and that Scripture is God-breathed, and that the original text of Scripture is Gods own Word having no error whatsoever in any of its sixty six (66) books nor in the matters about which the Bible speaks (scientific, historical, moral, etc.); and that the original texts can be adequately and completely determined from the available manuscripts to exclude any argument that inerrancy is either invalid or irrelevant due to our place in history. We further testify that Genesis is not allegorical.

We also affirm that any stance or compromise which is incompatible with the statement above is excluded. SAN ANTONIO BIBLE BASED SCIENCE ASSOCIATION reaffirms the historic position of the Church, the Body of Christ, throughout history by rejecting and condemning, for example, the Genesis Gap Theory (in any form), Day-Age Theory or any other compromise theories.

Finally, SAN ANTONIO BIBLE BASED SCIENCE ASSOCIATION limits voting rights and participation on the various boards of SAN ANTONIO BIBLE BASED SCIENCE ASSOCIATION to those in full agreement with this Statement of Faith.