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Believing the Bible from the first verse!

The San Antonio Bible Based Science Association (SABBSA) meets from 7 to 9 pm the second Tuesday of each month at Jim's restaurant located on the corner of San Pedro and Ramsey - approximately 1 mile outside Loop 410.

Next SABBSA Meeting:
Tuesday, August 12, 2014, at 7 pm

Coming to SABBSA in August
Evidence for Creation Seminar, Part III

At our August meeting, we will conclude the three part "Evidence for Creation Seminar" by John Heffner which we have run this summer. No worries if you missed previous sessions as each session has self contained topics.

John is a career mathematician and committed Christian. He is currently head of the math department at Kilgore High School. He teaches Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. John also serves on the adjunct math faculty at Kilgore College. John participates in numerous research trips and excavations annually. He has presented hundreds of seminars in churches and schools explaining scientific evidences in light of Biblical teaching. He has appeared on several international TV broadcasts discussing creation.

We found this series to be one of the most concise and well presented creation presentations we had ever seen!

Session 3 includes such topics as: "Noah's flood- fact or fiction?"; "Geologic features of the Earth."; "Lessons from the Grand Canyon"; "Age of the Earth"; "Design in nature"; and "God's incredible creatures'.

Please join us on August 12 for this thought provoking program, good food and warm Christian fellowship!

A Matter of Faith

That's the title of a new movie to be released in September on a limited engagement. It's the story of a Christian father and his fight for truth when he finds that his daughter's school is teaching that she is just an accident of nature! It has been endorsed by Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis! We are working to bring this Christian apologetics movie to San Antonio at the Alamo Quarry Theaters. To do so we need 1000 people to commit to buying tickets ahead of time so the theater will book this movie. The link below will allow you to preview this film.


If you want to help in this effort, email info@sabbsa.org and tell us your name, contact email and how many tickets you wish to order. Tickets will sell for $8 each. No money is needed at this time, just your commitment to buy.

BRING SABBSA TO YOU! -   Please visit the RESOURCE tab for details on how to have SABBSA bring a seminar to your facility or organization. Our members have been presenting the Biblical truths of creation for many years and we can tailor a seminar for your specific group in terms of age, interests and depth. For more information please contact us at 210-861-0454 or 210-599-7240.